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A distillery client was experiencing dock coordination issues at their Distribution Center (DC). There was no appointment scheduling for pickups; it was first come first served methodology when it came to loading carriers each day. The DC personnel had little idea whom would show up each day to pick up the finished good loads / orders. Issues included carriers showing up too early (as in days or hours) or too late (as in days or time of day) or not at all.

Top Shelf Logistics arrived on site and studied the issues for a short period of time and with client’s logistics team collaboratively developed a supply chain solution to alleviate the inefficiencies. Our multiple goals were to eliminate the congestion in the yard, create short and mid-term visibility with dependable schedules, utilizing every loading slot to maximize employee and order throughput while minimizing carrier detention and stockouts.

First, we migrated the operation to an appointment only pickup process for all shipments, which mirrored the workforce schedule. We then reverse engineered forecasted cases to determine daily loading slots needed for carrier pickups. By actively working within a warehouse management system (WMS), we utilized required ship dates and carrier names in a routing guide format and began scheduling orders. Results include staffing efficiencies. Overtime and detention charges reduced. Through extending the order planning horizon and visibility, working stock out issues, load leveling was quickly achieved. Facility became a “carrier friendly” dock, maximized throughput, increased loading capacity and flexibility.

My first call has always been to Rich at Top Shelf Logistics. Secure in the knowledge that he would take point assessing, developing a plan and optimizing my supply chain freed me up to attend to other pressing matters. Rich has helped me to save millions of dollars while profoundly improving service and visibility – from dock management, to headcount rationalization, to finding the right truck at the right time/price. He is the real deal, and his team of professionals at Top Shelf Logistics have what it takes to exceed all of your expectations for a full service 3rd Party Logistics provider.

Another distillery client required increased flexibility on their bottle deliveries from vendors. Multiple vendors were assigning carriers that were delivering to the distillery and expecting unloading the same day, or over a weekend. For a variety of reasons, production changed their original schedules, delaying the need for the bottles, with no additional labor or room for storage.

Top Shelf Logistics presented a solution to become the carrier of choice to haul directly from the bottle suppliers and at delivery, drop the loaded trailers, allowing a 48 – 72 hour window for unloading. Further efficiency is derived by utilizing those same carrier trailers for outbound finished goods loading, since they were already on the distillery grounds. Value add by creating flexibility for production and production planning, and also captured equipment for loading outbound orders. Creation of best case trailer utilization between distillery and vendor. Maximized carrier driver and trailer optimization with offloading inbound and reloading outbound at the same location.

A producer of bulk grain neutral spirits (GNS) and aged whiskey had issues scheduling smaller size shipments with craft distillers. The client was inundated with a significant volume of first time or intermittent customers that required much direction and care when searching and hiring a reliable transport provider. The clients often had little idea how to arrange freight pickups, not the least of which were at times were classified as hazardous materials in totes. There was little carrier accountability in meeting appointments scheduled, causing inefficiencies in the picking and dock operations.

Top Shelf Logistics became the carrier vendor of choice recommended to smaller volume clients. The cooperative solution allowed us to iron out pickup issues and contribute to maintaining maximum productivity of the shipping operation. Now, when smaller volume customers order GNS or barrels, Top Shelf Logistics engages the customer with a freight quote and coordinate the shipment. We are the “easy” button for all involved with clarity and execution.

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