Freight Brokerage

Licensed Freight Brokers

Over the past twenty five years we have been able to develop and maintain meaningful long term relationships with scores of reliable carriers. This provides us the opportunity to offer diverse options with our stable of local, regional and long-haul carriers. Our solutions whether transactional or long term are based on commitments to capacity, usually with fixed rates, and will bring uniformity and reliability to your company’s logistics process. The carriers we utilize have proven themselves are always regulatory compliant, safe and reliable. We have develop and maintain pro-active communications and planning to leverage the best of their specific network. At Top Shelf Logistics our carrier vendors and relationships are as vital a component to our success as are our customers. As a shipper this is to your benefit.

Shipping Solutions for Any Product

We work directly with clients to design a customized shipping solution that works specifically to solve issues existing within your logistics or transportation functions. We are committed to saving you time and money while efficiently managing those transportation solutions. A growth area is offering solutions and diverse capacity for craft-distillery and bulk producer shippers. Our complete focus is effortlessly handling your full and empty totes, barrels and of course finished goods, as well as returns. We can deliver your other inbound needs such as glass, packaging, raw materials from one pallet to truckload. At Top Shelf Logistics we provide options and solutions to customize your supply chain and logistics design. Our operations centric solutions include always include multi-modal consideration; less than truckload, consolidations, dedicated, truckload, intermodal services. Whatever satisfies your requirements at the lowest cost possible.

Logistics Services You Can Trust

In addition, we offer port operations that include devanning containers, cross docking and domestic services. Our warehousing options include forward inventory, seasonal warehousing, and any necessary integrated services. We offer consulting for streamlining multimodal transport networks. We will listen to your specific challenges and create a unique approach to your logistics design. We are dedicated to providing our customers with world class service using our one stop shop approach to intermodal and truckload services. We will assist on improving on time service while lowering overall transport costs. Request a quote on our website or call us today at (209) 627-3100 to begin your truckload freight quote.