Dry Van Trucking

Dry van truckload services is our most often utilized service.

If you need an efficient, speedy solution to your logistics that ensures your goods are delivered and received according to your preferred schedule, we have the skills and experience to get the job done. As a well-established logistics company focused solely on serving the alcohol industry needs, our team has an abundance of experience in successfully shipping a multitude of different products. Over the years we’ve successfully collaborated on huge brand related projects, from regional introduction, all the way to national rollouts. There are no limits to scale or scope,

Top Shelf Logistics will provide transactional, one-time truckload services or ongoing specific lane needs with fixed pricing and capacity agreements.

Evolving Truckload Solutions for Each Client

We know that each client will want something a little different from their truckload providers. For example: one company might prioritize service, while another will seek out the most cost-effective transport. Our truckload service is tailored to meet your particular needs; not only can we provide transport solutions that are suitable for almost any circumstances, we can also often find ways to increase the cost-effectiveness, and efficiency of your existing operation. Once we are awarded a consistent velocity lane, we will continually hold our carriers accountable from an on time service perspective. We will always pursue a variety of carriers to ensure market costs that support long term relationships and reliable truckload capacity when you need it the most.

A Dry Van Truckload Provider That Gets Results

Our philosophy is commitment to ensuring that every customer gets premium service, regardless of the size or type of their supply chain needs. Our provision can encompass anything from straight-forward delivery, to managing and coordinating your entire logistics operation on an outsourced basis. If required, we can take responsibility for shipping coordination, customer service, negotiating transport rates, order tracking, and more. We’re responsive, flexible and focused.

We Are Committed To Meeting Your Needs

We feel that we owe our success to a winning combination of best in class service, and exceptional customer care. Our aim is to provide a service that adds value, and contributes to the success of your organization, giving it the logistical tools needed to achieve your chosen outcomes. For further information, call us now at (209) 627-3100.