Freight Under Management

As an outsourced transportation provider or “Lead Logistics Provider” we assume most of the labor and headaches of managing your transportation. Either through us developing a stable of carriers that matches your needs and operating as a 3PL, or managing your preferred routing guide as a 4PL business partner.

Lead Logistics Provider

As a contracted, outsourced vendor partner we will collaborate with your leadership to develop and maintain a dynamic operational extension of your company. We will operate services that are core to our business model. We offer these services with no limitation to technical alignment, whether or not you have a TMS in place. We will include a multi-dimensional management matrix of freight models, in depth business analysis, load and mode optimization, and full range of information support systems.

We Deliver Value

Our mission is to improve your bottom line and create a real competitive advantage in your supply chain. Most importantly we will deliver operational excellence. As your long term vendor there is nothing more paramount to us than our business relationship and sense of duty to you our client. We operate everyday with a passion to deliver not just expected results but even do better, to create value through flexibility, efficiency, case throughput and improved practical function outcomes. Finally, we achieve our outstanding shared goals through a team of caring, effective and industry experienced team of employees.

Successful Freight Management

Top Shelf Logistics has over 25 years’ experience working with customers to bring tried and true concepts and processes to deliver customized and unique solutions. We provide our customers with reliable and safe carriers who meet Federal regulations and have the highest quality standards. Using our expertise we obtain all freight and equipment capacity agreements so that they are mutually beneficial. We will enhance your industry reputation by employing our Top Shelf team by improving on time service, multi-modal product offerings, and reliable capacity commitment. At Top Shelf Logistics we are dedicated to building trustful, long term relationships with both clients and carriers. Allow us to create a customized transportation solution for your business to produce a competitive edge and reduce costs by positively affecting your supply chain through our flexible freight management models. Call us today at (209) 627-3100.