Intermodal Transportation

Top Shelf Intermodal Services

At Top Shelf Logistics we offer a variety of logistics options to our customers, including Intermodal transportation services. By utilizing this mode of transportation we are able to significantly reduce costs and improve security. The considerations in moving from a dry van truck to Intermodal involve shipping and delivery location proximity to rail ramps, overall distance and allowed in-transit days. We pick up and deliver with driver and trailer, but in between move the trailer/container via railroad. Our Intermodal approach will take longer to arrive but schedules are reliable and dependable for appointment delivered loads. Shipping intermodal is a door to door service with a single freight bill from Top Shelf Logistics. We seamlessly evaluate whether this mode is the right option, when transporting your wine and spirits across the United States and Canada, the most innovative and efficient way possible.

Reliable Alternative to Truck Transport

We frequently use truck and railroad combined services (Intermodal) as a cost effective alternative to truck only. Intermodal trailer sizes include 53′ boxes and 40′ containers. Especially a great option are the shorter 40’ containers, as they handle about the same overall load weight as a 53’ but can often be procured on west coast destinations at the lowest Intermodal cost. Our underlying providers are as meticulous as we are, and together have considerable experience in working successfully with the larger network of North American railroads and affiliates. We continuously work with our customers to provide the most cost effective solutions to ship their fine products.

Trust Top Shelf Logistics

For over 25 years we have been providing creative operational solutions to improve our customers overall logistics bottom line. We work with trusted, safe and compliant carriers who have met our rigorous standards to reach freight and equipment capacity agreements. With our carriers and best in class processes you can count on your delivery being expertly handled every time. We are committed to listening and understanding your logistics challenges and needs, then collaborating with you to increase efficiency in your supply chain. Whether you are interested in multimodal, intermodal, LTL or truckload services, call us today at (209) 627-3100 to begin reducing your landed costs.