Interview with Richard Baduini

baduini-richard-750xx1013-1352-46-0Richard Baduini

  • Founder and CEO, Top Shelf Logistics LLC
  • Years in current job: 8.5
  • Years in the logistics/transportation field: 30
  • Education: Bachelor’s degree in business administration from Wagner College;
  • MBA from University of Phoenix
  • Favorite pastime outside the office: Spending time in the great outdoors.
  • Type of car he drives: Pickup truck
  • Favorite travel destination: Anywhere with a beach.


Why did you choose your line of work?

  • A major influence was my dad’s successful 25-year career in the ‘distribution and transportation’ business, before the discipline was referred to as ‘logistics or supply chain.’
  • To earn college tuition, I regularly worked on shipping docks, in warehouses and distribution centers for years while attending college.

What are some new trends in your industry?

  • Creative outsourced transportation solutions, asset telematics, beginning-to-end shipment visibility, supply chain network flexibility and of course, technology.
  • All of these are brought to practical fruition through our leading edge TMS (transportation management system) utilization and execution that truly adds value to our clients’ supply chains.
  • Web-enabled, universally accessible software that delivers all of the standard tools but also offers premier functions such as order visibility, optimized order planning, routing guide compliance, accessorial mitigation, mobile access and fully customized self-directed analytics and reporting.