June 2019

Border Crossing Concerns

Economic and trade concerns were raised when in a recent Twitter post US President Donald Trump threatened a new wave of tariffs on Mexican goods.

In 2018, US trade with Mexico resulted in $671 billion, over 1/4 of the total trade done with/by the US in 2018.

Increased tariffs could stand to cause delays at the border as well as raise costs of goods.

Crossing Concerns

Mind the Gap

The US Goods/Trade Gap has widened for a second month in a row, marking the highest deficit so far in 2019.

The 4.2% monthly decline in exports reflected broad-based drops across industrial supplies, capital goods, vehicles and consumer goods. A 2.7% decrease in imports was led by capital goods, vehicles and industrial supplies.

Goods Gap

New Opportunities for Military Members

The FMCSA is launched a pilot program on June 3rd allowing a select number of individuals aged 18-20 to operate trucks in interstate commerce.

The program is designed to help military personnel with a CDL equivalent explore employment opportunities, while positively impacting the driver shortage.

Pilot Program