Mid-July Transportation Industry Update

LTL Guaranteed Services

With truckload market rates at record setting levels, more and more shippers have been turning to LTL networks to get freight out of their doors. This flood of freight into LTL networks has caused delays in service, and for some carriers given cause to not honor reimbursement of a guaranteed service failure.

YRC Time Critical Service Alert

Morgan Stanley:

Some relief was finally felt in the truckload markets in the past two weeks. However, shippers should not take this as a sign that they are in the clear. The remainder of 2018 and early 2019 are still anticipated, across all forecasts, to set records and out-perform seasonality.

The LTL market is still solid, however shippers should watch for possible freight turn downs. The market is being flooded with the largest shipment sizes seen seince 2014.

LTL Turndowns

ELD’s have now been enforced for several months, but the CVSA is focusing on safety factors outside of HOS as well. In a surprise brake inspection blitz, 1600 trucks were placed out of service.

Safety First

Truckload demand continues to cause huge ripple effects across all modes of surface transportation. Shippers are advise to move goods early ahead of peak season capacity surges.

Early Peak Season Shipping