Category: 3PL Providers

The Benefits Of Working With 3PL Providers

If you are in the market for 3PL providers, your shipping requirements have rapidly grown and likely reached a point where you’re incapable of keeping up with managing freight internally. Or where at least realize you are not leveraging the increasing freight volumes to lower carrier costs and receive improved on time pickup and delivery services required to keep growing your business.

At Top Shelf Logistics, we work with businesses of all sizes to make sure our freight logistics services take the pressure off internal resources or other supply chain teams. We offer a one stop shopping solution with a multi-layered team of professionals, whom have working relationships with top trucking services as well as intermodal companies across the United States.

With this experience and diversified network, we are able to identify the right fit for your specific freight shipping needs; efficiently, methodically, managing our stable of proven carriers to the best of their abilities and often less expensively if you did it yourself. You manage your primary business and we’ll get the freight picked up and delivered as expected. With an ongoing relationship, we develop processes and utilize our best in class TMS (Transportation Management Systems) in becoming your Transportation “Easy” button.

Spirits (alcohol) Transport

As one of a very few 3PL providers across the United States who specialize in the shipment of beer, wine, and spirits, we routinely asked to provide carrier capacity to match shipping needs of distiller’s to control states and also distributor routes to non-bailment states; always at competitive prices. Top Shelf Logistics utilizes the most experienced “alcohol compliant” carriers; our decades of proven track record speaks volumes to the dependable and highly professional service you will receive day in and day out.

LTL Shipments

LTL shipments are another area of expertise for Top Shelf Logistics. Due to our large volume of business, we have a large network of local, regional and national freight companies accessible at all points of the US, including ports and cross border needs to Canada as well as Mexico.

Again as a 3PL provider, focused on shipping alcohol, we are completely aware and carrier compliant in terms of proper permitting, as well as state and federal regulations. We ensure carriers possess proper liability coverage in the unlikely event of a shortage or damage. Our goal has always been to provide flexibility to your primary business; meeting and often exceeding your cost and service expectations regardless of shipment size, type, location, budget and timeframe. It is our responsibility to take care of your unique shipping needs and requirements efficiently and reliably.