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Top Shelf Logistics Utilizes MercuryGate TMS

Tracy, California: Top Shelf Logistics is pleased to announce the company is utilizing MercuryGate TMS to reduce and control their client’s freight costs. The transportation management system helps tighten controls and improve overall effectiveness by offering better, faster, stronger and smarter solutions.

With an ever-evolving environment, it’s more important than ever for companies to stay ahead of the competition. MercuryGate enables customers to customize the load plans that will work best for their unique needs, while ensuring the appropriate carrier is chosen for any move.

Convenient cloud computing allows clients to track everything securely, no matter where a shipment is going around the globe. To minimize costs, mode and rate optimization is combined with route optimization to reduce inefficiency and boost productivity. Analytics offer specific metrics so a company can get detailed feedback in order to evaluate strengths and weaknesses.

MercuryGate is personalized to meet each customer’s needs to deliver exactly what is required for shipments of all sizes, from small to large. Transports can be planned, tracked and shipped, accounting for even unforeseen circumstances.

MercuryGate is designed to adapt to the changing needs of a company to deliver consistent, superior results as long as the system is used. Documents, workflow and interfaces can also be reconfigured as necessary. Additionally, the system is easily integrated between numerous parties, like customs brokers, customers, vendors, carriers and others.

For more information about their use of the MercuryGate TMS, visit the website at or call 209-627-3100.

About Top Shelf Logistics: Top Shelf Logistics prides itself on its reliable relationship with its customer base. They commit themselves to improving the transportation field through dedication, technological advancement, integrity and raw talent. These four qualities have helped Top Shelf Logistics build its strong reputation. They also strive to improve business operations by collaborating with various transportation companies and working with them to solve their individual needs and foster greater growth.

Company: Top Shelf Logistics

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Top Shelf Logistics Incorporates Technologically Advanced Software

Tracy, California: Top Shelf Logistics is proud to announce it has transitioned to a new software, Aurum powered by MercuryGate. This platform offers smarter, faster and better solutions for TMS (transportation management system) needs. It uses cutting edge technology for 3PLs (third party logistics providers) to understand specific logistics needs and accurately and efficiently fulfill on them. When it comes to high end reporting, optimizing margins, streamlining web tracking and having accessibility to information across all devices, Top Shelf is dedicated to being a front-runner in the industry.

Top Shelf Logistics specializes in freight management throughout North America whether it comes to committed capacity, multi-modal product offerings, or on-time service each. Every freight load is taken care of by reliable, safe and efficient carriers and creating operational efficiencies is an integral part of any ongoing 3PL relationship. Top Shelf knows a good reputation along with logistics strategy, transportation management and information management throughout the whole process is imperative to maintain a lasting relationship.

This updated platform takes some of the pressure off fluctuating industry supply and demand that drives price and availability by ensuring customers all efficiencies are being reached and that strategy and reporting will accurately reflect operational efficiencies and inefficiencies.

Anyone interested in learning more about a potential 3PL partnership should call Top Shelf Logistics at 209-627-3100 or visit their website online at

About Top Shelf Logistics: Top Shelf Logistics is a logistics provider that helps businesses more effectively transport their products. They help with customized freight management and multi-modal solutions for their customers. The company brings more than 25 years of experience.

Company: Top Shelf Logistics

Address: 1660 West Linne Rd. Suite J10.

City: Tracy

State: CA

Zip: 95377

Telephone Number: 209-627-3100

Email address: