Category: Less Than Truckload Shipping

Key Factors To Use A 3PL Provider For Less Than Truckload Shipping

As an experienced 3PL (Third Party Logistics) provider, Top Shelf Logistics has heard a lot of stories from companies about the challenges of trying to handle their own less than truckload shipping.

Our twenty-five years as a logistics provider gives us real insight into evaluating different trucking and freight companies and making sure the chosen ones can provide reliable, dependable and highly professional freight services for full loads as well as less than truckload shipping.

It is important to realize that just as not all LTL companies offer the same quality of service, not all 3PL companies are the same either. By comparing the services we offer at Top Shelf Logistics with other 3PL services, you will find why our customers continue to use our services for all of their supply chain needs.

Listen to Your Needs

Our team will take the time to listen to your needs. We focus on what you require in shipping and delivery as opposed to trying to treat your business the same as all the others.

By doing our own due diligence we are able to make effective changes to improve areas of weakness while also enhancing aspects of the supply chain that are already effective. You know how to be successful in your business and Top Shelf can make a large difference in the efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness of shipping of your freight.

Working with our Niche Services

While Top Shelf Logistics is a general logistics company, we also specialize in beer, wine, and spirit transportation. This area of focus provides your company with our expertise in the safe transport of your loads, particularly with LTL carriers where temperature control, permits and an understanding of the logistics of alcohol distribution is a must.

At Top Shelf Logistics our focus is efficiency, solving problems and creating the most effective supply chain for your company. To find out more, talk to our team and we can discuss your needs.