Overlooked Issues With Booze Transportation

At Top Shelf Logistics we specialize in booze transportation across the United States and throughout North America. While we do have this area of focus, we still offer full trucking services for a range of other products, but transporting beer, wine or spirits has its own particular set of issues that often make this is a much more complicated load.

Understanding where problems can occur in booze transportation is essential. Our team of logistics and supply chain experts know what to ask trucking companies and what to confirm before booking the company to handle your booze shipment.

Being proactive and knowing the issues that can so easily be overlooked will help every bottle of your shipment to arrive at the destination in the quality condition that keeps your retailers and customers happy.

Winter and Summer Temperature Control

One of the things our team is aware of is the need for temperature control in extremes, either hot or cold, when transporting any alcohol. This means we ensure the trucks hauling wine and beer in the summer are kept cool, and the trucks hauling any alcohol are kept at the correct temperature and above freezing in the winter.

There is also the need for this temperature control in the spring and fall as well, particularly when traveling across the country and through different temperature zones. A vineyard and winery in California may be sunny and warm, but traveling north or east can easily take the wine through freezing temperatures resulting in damaged product.

Legal Issues

Every state has different laws when it comes to booze transportation. Some require a permit just to drive through with the load while some only require a permit if you are delivering in the state.

Ensuring that every load we coordinate is on a truck with the correct permits for the entire trip from pick up to delivery is just one of the essential tasks we complete for every shipment.