The Differences In Truckload Freight Services

As one of the most established light-asset based 3PL (Third Party Logistics) companies in the United States, Top Shelf Logistics has been providing quality service to our customers for over a quarter of a century.

Working with our team offers your business several advantages over trying to hire, manage and coordinate truckload freight on your own. By understanding what we do and how it can save money, you will see the benefit in allowing our team to streamline and manage your logistics and supply chain needs.

Volume Shipping

With our customer base, we are constantly talking to our network of regional, national and North American carriers. This allows us to negotiate truckload freight rates based on the sheer volume we bring to the trucking companies we work with.

This volume allows our team to negotiate prices and rates that are lower than what a company can do on their own. This isn’t because we are working with lower quality trucking firms, in fact, we only work with the best.

Vetted Trucking Companies

Our team works directly with your team to understand just what you need in a trucking service. We can then go to our vetted and approved trucking companies and choose a service that perfectly matches your needs.

This includes working with the truckload freight rates that you require. We can often work directly with your team to find ways to streamline the supply chain and cut the cost of your shipping while also improving efficiency and delivery possibilities that may suit your customers more effectively.

Finally, our team is here to ensure that your shipment arrives on time with every load. We can provide full freight management as well as intermodal and multimodal transportation, getting to remote locations or big cities, allowing you to grow your business.