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Receiving An Accurate LTL Quote

As your 3PL (Third Party Logistics) provider, it is our responsibility to take your less than truckload freight needs and find the most cost effective and reliable LTL quote and solution. Whether assistance is needed for a single consignment shipment or a regular delivery we work with our extended network to find the right match to meet your diversified freight needs.
Top Shelf Logistics works with a lot of freight companies offering LTL (Less Than Truckload) services, so we have identified the most reliable, and cost effective carriers.

Beginning with your load tender to Top Shelf Logistics, we continually monitor your freight on our assigned carrier, closely monitoring the shipments progress while it’s in transit and planning to deliver the shipment when expected. Hands on pro-active customer service is imperative. It’s the difference between success and mediocrity. We are transparent through the whole process because we know delivering you this added value will help your business reputation and gain you a competitive advantage.

Finding discounted and the most competitive rates for an LTL quote is necessary if you are shipping more than 150 pounds and less than 20,000 pounds. In addition, most of these loads will be less than 12 linear feet of space on the trailer or about six pallets. Maintaining a large network of carriers allows us to find the best rates based on freight type and individual requirements.

What We Need to Know

We need information regarding the load; pickup and destination address, expected day of pickup or delivery. We also always need to know the commodity. These details allow us to check availability from the most appropriate carrier based on your specific needs. Easily completed on our website “Request Quote” button the freight load details allow us to plan for shipping weight and dimensions since different types of commodities can affect carrier type, transit days and with alcohol or hazmat, the carrier must be compliant. Also what special services are required, such as a liftgate.

Our team of logistics and supply chain experts will undertake each of your LTL shipments carefully to ensure your specific freight needs are met so you can focus on growing your business.

The Differences In Truckload Freight Services

As one of the most established light-asset based 3PL (Third Party Logistics) companies in the United States, Top Shelf Logistics has been providing quality service to our customers for over a quarter of a century.

Working with our team offers your business several advantages over trying to hire, manage and coordinate truckload freight on your own. By understanding what we do and how it can save money, you will see the benefit in allowing our team to streamline and manage your logistics and supply chain needs.

Volume Shipping

With our customer base, we are constantly talking to our network of regional, national and North American carriers. This allows us to negotiate truckload freight rates based on the sheer volume we bring to the trucking companies we work with.

This volume allows our team to negotiate prices and rates that are lower than what a company can do on their own. This isn’t because we are working with lower quality trucking firms, in fact, we only work with the best.

Vetted Trucking Companies

Our team works directly with your team to understand just what you need in a trucking service. We can then go to our vetted and approved trucking companies and choose a service that perfectly matches your needs.

This includes working with the truckload freight rates that you require. We can often work directly with your team to find ways to streamline the supply chain and cut the cost of your shipping while also improving efficiency and delivery possibilities that may suit your customers more effectively.

Finally, our team is here to ensure that your shipment arrives on time with every load. We can provide full freight management as well as intermodal and multimodal transportation, getting to remote locations or big cities, allowing you to grow your business.

3PL Providers: Offering Top Notch Service While Delivering The Goods

No matter what the industry and regardless of its size, managing a company’s supply chain can prove to be complicated. The complexity of this service pushes the ability to handle it with confidence and ease out of reach for many firms. No matter how much a company may try to operate it with success on its own, the process may prove to be a futile waste of energy. Today, with so much on the line, it is usually best to leave this work to the experts – 3PL providers.

What Is a 3PL Provider?

3PL stands for the third party. Third Party providers are individuals or groups who work together with both shippers and freight carrier or movers to ensure the cargo moves from point A to point B smoothly. They are there to make certain the company benefits from whatever savings they can obtain from carriers. They also work with their partners to improve internal transportation components, creating efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.

Classification of 3PL Services

Third party logistic services fall into several categories. The major three according to economists are:

  1. Innovative
  2. Value-add
  3. Commodity

However, the items that fall into each classification are not static. A service that is innovative today can quickly become a value add or commodity tomorrow. This makes the entire role of 3PL providers one that requires versatility and an increasing awareness of all aspects of the transportation system across North America.

3PL Providers

For companies who want to reduce their overhead and avoid the headaches that can arise from running their own transportation system, the answer lies in outsourcing. Today many companies, large and small, turn to the services provided by experts in the field. They rely on our 3PL providers to provide the most advantageous delivery system possible. At Top Shelf Logistics, our professionals work with all our clients to ensure the delivery of their cargo quickly, on time and within their budget.

Truck Freight Brokers: Right On Time

Just over a half a century ago, shippers used to deal directly with truckers. They would give them cash. The trucker would then pick up the cargo and move it to its destination. However, the process is no longer so simple. Various factors are in play to alter the simplistic relationship making it a complex maze of legal and transportation issues only experts can handle. The solution – enter truck freight brokers.

Why Hire a Truck Freight Broker?

At Top Shelf Logistics, we understand the complexities of today’s transportation systems. Companies hire us to handle the worrisome factors that are now an integral part of the arrangement. These can consist of

  • Contracts
  • Liability issues
  • Various types of insurance
  • Fraud alerts and risks
  • Compliance issues for both truck companies and their drivers

However, one of the most pressing issues for companies is to find the right carriers at the right price. This is the major reason companies turn to truck freight brokers. They need someone who is an intermediary between shippers and truckers. They want someone to negotiate the best price possible for shipping cargo. They also want the process to be simple, quick and always capable of meeting the specified time constraints.

Truck Freight Brokers

No matter what your concern, you can always trust our professional team at Top Shelf Logistics. We will work with you to ensure you receive the services you need to keep your company competitive. By instituting cost-effective measures, we can help you with reducing the costs for shipping your cargo across town or around the globe. Whether you need full or LTL delivery, we are there to ensure you get the best rates possible. We are skilled in handling all your shipping needs. Our highly respected and knowledgeable freight truck brokers are always ready to help you ship your goods on time, anywhere, without upsetting your budget.

Truck Load Brokers: Your Partners In Delivering Cargo

Companies are always looking for a way to make their firm leaner and meaner. This includes the transportation delivery system. One way to accomplish this is to outsource – to find a knowledgeable partner to examine and take over the role of transportation management. At Top Shelf Logistics, we offer the services of our truck load brokers to provide your company with the best options and services available.

Adding Value

As your partner, a freight broker will work within and without your company to ensure they receive value by providing them with certain services. These may include implementing a complete logistic system. It can also refer to a variety of services including:

  • Truckload, Intermodal or LTL modes
  • Specific supply chain solutions based on needs or gaps
  • Carrier rate Negotiation
  • Transportation Management
  • Capacity commitments
  • Port services
  • Warehousing

Truck load freight brokers improve their relationships with their clients by also providing 24/7 access. They improve their partnership by responding in a timely fashion to any delays or inaccuracies on shipments they have arranged.

Overall, if your company needs to ship its goods from its origin point to any destination, you need a truck freight broker. They focus on ensuring your cargo leaves and arrives on time, meeting the goals of its budget and schedule. How? Like Top Shelf Logistics, the best in the business have the staff, the connections, the means, the expertise and the technology.

Truck Load Brokers

At Top Shelf Logistics, we act as truck load brokers to companies of all sizes. Our access to a variety of carrier types, including dry vans, straight trucks, flatbed trucks, and refrigerated if needed, allows your company to have a wide range of potential means of transporting your cargo. One call will take care of all your transport needs. Hit the EASY button and call us. Whether you need our professional staff to work with you to revamp your entire delivery system or are simply looking for a cost-effective transportation solution, contact us to learn more. As experts in the field of transportation logistics, we will work as your partner to help you find the best solution possible.

Truck Freight Brokers: We Deliver On Time And On Budget

Truck freight brokers play a vital role in expediting transportation logistics and management in a high quality and economical manner. Top Shelf Logistics takes pride in being part of the CRST logistics team, and therefore being able to move materials or products throughout North America and on time.

Freight Trucks

If you have the product, you need to find the right truck to deliver it. While some brokers specialize in one specific type of truck, we do not. We have access to a vast variety of trucks capable of handling any load within a wide variety of time frames. We can offer you:

  • Dry vans
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Refrigerated vehicles

Our connection with thousands of vehicles capable of hauling your load, when you need it makes us the obvious truck freight brokers of choice.


Access to the right transportation network is one benefit of working with Top Shelf Logistics. We not only provide you with the right truck, we also ensure your load leaves and arrives on time without excuses. Using the best available technology, we work collaboratively to make certain you understand how to connect and operate within our TMS. This gives you access to specifics including where the load is in real time as it goes along its route towards its destination.

Since supply and demand drives price and availability it is essential to have a large network of trucks available at any given time. When there is less freight to move there are generally low prices to ship and high truck availability. Everyone wants to ship at that time. However, when there is more freight to move due to seasonality or whenever the economy picks up steam, prices are higher due to low truck availability. Being part of CRST logistics gives Top Shelf Logistics access to thousands of carriers with whom we have a long standing mutually productive and successful relationships. Whether you are trying to lower freight costs or improve service Top Shelf is the type of truck freight broker you want to have a relationship with.

Benefits of Truck Freight Brokers

Top Shelf Logistics focuses on making sure the transportation logistics for your company run smoothly. Whether you require JIT delivery or are willing to share a load with another, we can handle it. We will work to connect you with the right delivery system, matching both mode and carrier to your specific requirements. Moreover, as highly skilled and respected freight truck brokers, we can help you accomplish this often at “better than market” pricing.