3PL Providers: Offering Top Notch Service While Delivering The Goods

No matter what the industry and regardless of its size, managing a company’s supply chain can prove to be complicated. The complexity of this service pushes the ability to handle it with confidence and ease out of reach for many firms. No matter how much a company may try to operate it with success on its own, the process may prove to be a futile waste of energy. Today, with so much on the line, it is usually best to leave this work to the experts – 3PL providers.

What Is a 3PL Provider?

3PL stands for the third party. Third Party providers are individuals or groups who work together with both shippers and freight carrier or movers to ensure the cargo moves from point A to point B smoothly. They are there to make certain the company benefits from whatever savings they can obtain from carriers. They also work with their partners to improve internal transportation components, creating efficiencies and cost-effectiveness.

Classification of 3PL Services

Third party logistic services fall into several categories. The major three according to economists are:

  1. Innovative
  2. Value-add
  3. Commodity

However, the items that fall into each classification are not static. A service that is innovative today can quickly become a value add or commodity tomorrow. This makes the entire role of 3PL providers one that requires versatility and an increasing awareness of all aspects of the transportation system across North America.

3PL Providers

For companies who want to reduce their overhead and avoid the headaches that can arise from running their own transportation system, the answer lies in outsourcing. Today many companies, large and small, turn to the services provided by experts in the field. They rely on our 3PL providers to provide the most advantageous delivery system possible. At Top Shelf Logistics, our professionals work with all our clients to ensure the delivery of their cargo quickly, on time and within their budget.