4 Less than Truckload Shipping Headaches and How to Relieve Them

Less than truckload shipping services may not be necessary if you have your own fleet or if your company ships full trailer loads. However, if you don’t have the need for full truckload carriers finding the best parcel carriers for your shipments could be the answer. In general, LTL is thought of as a major headache, but Top Shelf Logistics is able to make the process less stressful and incredibly efficient for you.

1. Damage Claim Headache Relief

There are many tricks of the trade when planning for LTL Shipping. It’s important to shrink-wrap a load and make sure to attach it to the shipping pallet so the load is sturdier and less likely to shift about. In fact, the better you package your materials, the fewer problems you potentially have with damage claims.

2. Relief for Overweight Charges

Even if your cargo is perfectly loaded, you could get a harsh surprise when you see the invoice. For example, if the load is heavier than you thought, you could pay a surcharge or extra fee you didn’t expect. These extra fees add up over time and become a real pain. How can you solve this issue? Consider weighing every pallet for less than truckload shipping. It may take extra time, but if you already have a floor scales, you may save a lot of money.

3. Discount Pricing Surprises

Just because you get a discount, doesn’t mean you get the best freight rates. It’s important to check several companies (or have someone do this for you) to make sure your discounted rate is a good deal.

4. Overwhelmed by Shipping Options

If you want to solve most shipping related headaches, choose less than truckload shipping experts for your LTL freight. Top Shelf Logistics specializes in things like LTL freight, and we know the business inside and out. We’ll help you avoid many common problems and save you money in the process.