The Importance of Volume for Less Than Truckload Companies

LTL or Less than Load freight is a common requirement for many of our customers. This is a shipment of less than a full load, or under 20,000 pounds. This shipment is considered less than load because it is not capable of filling a standard trailer. It can start with as little as a single pallet or move up to multiple pallets.

The key to getting the better rates from less than truckload companies is in having a growing volume of business in more regular intervals to negotiate lower rates. For a small company is most beneficial go through a carrier to ship LTL freight because it may not be possible to increase volume consistently.

Using Our Leverage

The team at Top Shelf Logistics can help by giving you leverage to ship in the most cost effective manner. We provide LTL shipments for our customers across North America. This means that we are working with less than truckload companies on an ongoing basis, creating high volume orders across a wide geographic area and customer base.

Using our pool of smaller businesses as well as large companies using LTL freight, we can negotiate top rates with the best companies across the country. This is a cost saving for all of our customers based on the sheer volume of trucking needs. You can trust Top Shelf as a reliable 3PL provider.

Fully Approved Service Providers

In addition to a great price, Top Shelf only works with fully vetted and approved less than truckload companies. This means you don’t have to spend hours trying to track down references or to read reviews about trucking services.

Many of the freight services we work with are long time partners that are able to provide customized services for Top Shelf Logistics and to your company. These relationships ensure the best possible trucking services for your products at a highly competitive rate and without any hassles or worries.