Truck Freight Brokers: Right On Time

Just over a half a century ago, shippers used to deal directly with truckers. They would give them cash. The trucker would then pick up the cargo and move it to its destination. However, the process is no longer so simple. Various factors are in play to alter the simplistic relationship making it a complex maze of legal and transportation issues only experts can handle. The solution – enter truck freight brokers.

Why Hire a Truck Freight Broker?

At Top Shelf Logistics, we understand the complexities of today’s transportation systems. Companies hire us to handle the worrisome factors that are now an integral part of the arrangement. These can consist of

  • Contracts
  • Liability issues
  • Various types of insurance
  • Fraud alerts and risks
  • Compliance issues for both truck companies and their drivers

However, one of the most pressing issues for companies is to find the right carriers at the right price. This is the major reason companies turn to truck freight brokers. They need someone who is an intermediary between shippers and truckers. They want someone to negotiate the best price possible for shipping cargo. They also want the process to be simple, quick and always capable of meeting the specified time constraints.

Truck Freight Brokers

No matter what your concern, you can always trust our professional team at Top Shelf Logistics. We will work with you to ensure you receive the services you need to keep your company competitive. By instituting cost-effective measures, we can help you with reducing the costs for shipping your cargo across town or around the globe. Whether you need full or LTL delivery, we are there to ensure you get the best rates possible. We are skilled in handling all your shipping needs. Our highly respected and knowledgeable freight truck brokers are always ready to help you ship your goods on time, anywhere, without upsetting your budget.