Truck Freight Brokers: We Deliver On Time And On Budget

Truck freight brokers play a vital role in expediting transportation logistics and management in a high quality and economical manner. Top Shelf Logistics takes pride in being part of the CRST logistics team, and therefore being able to move materials or products throughout North America and on time.

Freight Trucks

If you have the product, you need to find the right truck to deliver it. While some brokers specialize in one specific type of truck, we do not. We have access to a vast variety of trucks capable of handling any load within a wide variety of time frames. We can offer you:

  • Dry vans
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Refrigerated vehicles

Our connection with thousands of vehicles capable of hauling your load, when you need it makes us the obvious truck freight brokers of choice.


Access to the right transportation network is one benefit of working with Top Shelf Logistics. We not only provide you with the right truck, we also ensure your load leaves and arrives on time without excuses. Using the best available technology, we work collaboratively to make certain you understand how to connect and operate within our TMS. This gives you access to specifics including where the load is in real time as it goes along its route towards its destination.

Since supply and demand drives price and availability it is essential to have a large network of trucks available at any given time. When there is less freight to move there are generally low prices to ship and high truck availability. Everyone wants to ship at that time. However, when there is more freight to move due to seasonality or whenever the economy picks up steam, prices are higher due to low truck availability. Being part of CRST logistics gives Top Shelf Logistics access to thousands of carriers with whom we have a long standing mutually productive and successful relationships. Whether you are trying to lower freight costs or improve service Top Shelf is the type of truck freight broker you want to have a relationship with.

Benefits of Truck Freight Brokers

Top Shelf Logistics focuses on making sure the transportation logistics for your company run smoothly. Whether you require JIT delivery or are willing to share a load with another, we can handle it. We will work to connect you with the right delivery system, matching both mode and carrier to your specific requirements. Moreover, as highly skilled and respected freight truck brokers, we can help you accomplish this often at “better than market” pricing.