Results Driven Logistics

Getting your shipments where they need to be efficiently and on time is imperative to good business practices and the primary reason you should choose 3rd Party Logistic Providers (3PL) that have a good reputation, offer logistics strategy, transportation management and information management. At Top Shelf Logistics, we focus on results. Our approach to 3PL services focuses on the following:

  • Advanced transportation management
  • Better budget forecasting and improved cash flow
  • Heightened information management when it comes to routing, scheduling, tracking and consolidating orders.

We are capable of handling an all-inclusive transportation management system for your customized freight needs in order to create a process to drive greater efficiencies in your supply chain.

Moving to “Aurum” powered by MercuryGate

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing our transportation logistics product offerings, we are now offering smarter, faster and better solutions to your TMS needs. “Aurum”, powered by MercuryGate provides us with the ability to provide you with a variety of advantages.

  • Accurate, comprehensive and budget-geared shipping and tracking services
  • Streamlined web tracking
  • Web enabled – improve certain areas of pick-up, delivery and other aspects of transportation management
  • Mobile app – help you stay connected and follow the freight throughout its journey from start to finish
  • Optimize margins – consolidate loads, increase load flexibility and use analytics to evaluate historical and industry specific rates and trends.
  • Topline business intelligence reporting

The MercuryGate TMS for 3PLs utilizes cutting edge technological tools and the best available resources so we can respond promptly and accurately to your specific needs.

It’s About “Carma”

In addition to MercuryGate, our use of the “Carma” management system has increased our ability to respond efficiently by helping us provide real-time information. This includes basics such as:

  • GPS
  • GSM
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Internet
  • iPhone technologies

3rd Party Logistics Providers (3PL)

At Top Shelf Logistics, we are committed to providing you with highly efficient, effective and affordable logistics services. Our goal is to ensure your freight moves effortlessly using us as your 3rd party logistics providers (3PL). We will collaboratively develop customized solutions that will meet and likely exceed your expectations and will deliver success!