September Transportation Industry Update

Morgan Stanley:

The latest Morgan Stanley reports (9/20/2018) notes that while the indeces have continued to drop and under preform general seasonality, as we move closer to peak shipping seaon anticipate stronger demand for trucks to drive the traditional end of year price hikes.


Florence Aftermath: Category 4 hurricane, Florence, left record breaking rainfall in her wake. Leaving large stretches of interstates unnavigable thus causing closures and thousands without power. If you are shipping to or from affected areas, please be sure to contact your CRST rep or local terminals for current information on weather related closures and delays.

 Service Alerts

The JOC warns that while truck rate growth is expected to slow in 2019, it is still expected to rise and shippers should not anticipate a full return to balanced conditions.

Truck Rates in 2019

With the driver shortage situation anticipated to jump from 20k short to 100k short within a decade, the idea of driverless semi-trucks is not only tempting but may just becoming reality.

Driverless Trucks Gaining Ground