Month: April 2017

Top Shelf Logistics

The Importance of Volume for Less Than Truckload Companies

LTL or Less than Load freight is a common requirement for many of our customers. This is a shipment of less than a full load, or under 20,000 pounds. This shipment is considered less than load because it… Read More

4 Less than Truckload Shipping Headaches and How to Relieve Them

Less than truckload shipping services may not be necessary if you have your own fleet or if your company ships full trailer loads. However, if you don’t have the need for full truckload carriers finding the best parcel… Read More

3PL Providers: Offering Top Notch Service While Delivering The Goods

No matter what the industry and regardless of its size, managing a company’s supply chain can prove to be complicated. The complexity of this service pushes the ability to handle it with confidence and ease out of reach… Read More

Truck Freight Brokers: Right On Time

Just over a half a century ago, shippers used to deal directly with truckers. They would give them cash. The trucker would then pick up the cargo and move it to its destination. However, the process is no… Read More